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Sesrvice philosophy
Stanadardized products of better returns

Radar Brokers is committed to better serving the middle-class people, lowering the investment threshold for investors by connecting high-quality products circulating in international markets (including banks and stock exchanges in the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore and other regions) and assisting the investors in global asset allocation.

We adhere to the 'standard product principle'. All products provided are standard investment products publicly available in the international securities market and with transparent underlying assets, compliant and reliable. We endeavor to help investors resist uncertain risks from global economic, stock markets and real estates.

What's a standard product?

Standard products are 'standardized assets', which refer to equities or bonds that are traded publicly on the inter-bank markets or stock exchanges. Common standardized assets include stocks, mutual funds, bonds, etc. Other products are classified as non-standard assets.

Investors buy stocks of listed companies through the exchanges to become shareholders and obtain dividends, and share the profits from the company's growth or price fluctuations, but also bear the potential risks of market changes.

Radar Brokers supports T+0 two-way trading of more than 10,000 listed company stocks in international markets such as U.S. stocks and Hong Kong stocks. Leveraged trading enables earning profits with less capital.

Mutual funds are issued to the public, manged by by professional fund companies and strictly regulated by the government and the securities regulatory departments. The main underlying assets are securities such as stocks, currencies, and bonds. Investors can purchase more than 800 mutual funds issued by renowned fund companies on Radar Brokers, benefiting from diversified portfolios.

Bonds are certificates issued by the governments or enterprises and a low-risk fixed-income investment product. Bond investors can enjoy regular interest income according to the coupon rate before the maturity date; when the bond matures, investors will get back the principal according to the face value. Through Radar Brokers, investors can purchase popular US dollar bonds sold by private banks without becoming a private bank client.

Why Standard Product only?

In the global economic turmoil, the increase of uncertainty in stock markets and real estates has made transparity and safety more important when making investments. Non-standard products might bring a higher return but are less disclosed or regulated, which threatens the capital safety of individual investors.

What are the differences?

Standard products Non-standard products
Supervisory By regulatory departments None
Issuance Publicly issued by banks or traded on the exchanges Privately issued
Disclosures Regular and public None
Liquidity Tradeable on secondary markets Not tradeable on the exchanges
Custody Money segragated by custody banks None
Assessment By international authorities None
Risks Low High

Radar Brokers
offers 3 types of products

  • Meijin Bao

    Only underlying asset - Schrolder US Dollar Fund

    Yield: 2.1%-2.2%

    • High liquidity
    • Min. 1 USD
    • Higher return than deposits

  • Bonds

    Issued by China CITIC Bank and Standard Chartered Bank

    Coupon rate: 6%-11%

    • Fixed income
    • Low risks
    • Higher yield

  • Funds

    More than 800 funds from global fund houses

    Yield: 10%-30%

    • Variable profit
    • More potentials
    • Stocks, bonds and others as underlying assets
    Coming soon

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Risk is involved in all type of investments. Please note that value of securities and other products might fall or rise, their past performance doesn't gurantee the future result. You should be informed of the related risks, legal matters, tax and accounting issues before making any investment decisions and keep in mind that all decisions should be made on the basis that they match your personal financial situations and investment goals.Please consider if the risk invovled is tolerable and seek for professional advice when necessary.

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